Independent Living at an Erickson Living Community

Independent living frees you from worries

At an Erickson Living retirement community, you’ll live the independent life you’re used to, but with added benefits like 24-hour security and on-site health care.

Meet friendly new people as you pursue opportunities for travel, fitness, education and more—all while enjoying peace of mind should your health needs change.

Choosing a senior living community doesn’t mean giving up your freedom or your old way of life. We’re close to where you live, so you stay connected to friends, family and your neighborhood.

Benefits of active senior living:

  • Freedom from maintenance—No more worries about costly house repairs.
  • Exciting amenities—Enjoy a pool, fitness center and countless clubs and classes.
  • Healthy peace of mind—You may never need continuing care, but it’s a comfort to know it’s available.

Select the community near you for details on pricing, floor plans and more.