Healthy Aging Frequently Asked Questions

Your retirement wellness questions answered*

We make your retirement wellness our top priority. Read our frequently asked questions to learn...

  • Q:

    What resources do you have to keep me healthy?

    A: Each Erickson Living community is equipped with an on-site medical center staffed by a full-time doctor. We also utilize electronic medical records and other advanced technology.

  • Q:

    Do I have to use the on-site medical center?

    A: No. Unlike other retirement wellness communities, Erickson Living gives you the freedom to choose the provider you want. Even if you decide to stay with your current doctor, you're welcome to use the on-campus medical center as needed.

  • Q:

    Do Erickson Living doctors work exclusively at the medical center?

    A: Yes. Unlike many other retirement options, Erickson Living doctors are full-time staff members who practice solely with us.

  • Q:

    What happens if I have a health emergency?

    A: Retirement wellness and prevention are crucial, but so is rapid access to emergency care. At Erickson Living there's always a doctor on call, plus a 24-hour emergency response team. Our response time averages three minutes or less, as opposed to nine minutes for outside responders.

  • Q:

    What types of insurance are accepted?

    A: Erickson Living communities accept Medicare and most supplemental insurance.

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