Greenspring Frequently Asked Questions

Greenspring's most frequently asked questions

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  • Q:

    Is there a difference between continuing care and independent living?

    Yes. Independent living means you can continue to live an active lifestyle in your Greenspring apartment home. The continuing care neighborhood is available should you ever require a higher level of care. It's located right on our Springfield campus and provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, Short-Term Rehab and Long-Term Care. Most Greenspring residents never need our extended neighborhood—but it's comforting to have it available.

  • Q:

    Is Greenspring a continuing care retirement community?

    Yes. Greenspring is a continuing care retirement community, also known as a CCRC. This means we offer several levels of continuing care on-site, along with traditional independent living.

  • Q:

    How do the doctors stack up against other providers?

    A lot of our competitors employ part-time doctors. At Greenspring, the medical staff is full-time. Plus, they specialize in caring for older adults. Our team also includes visiting specialists.

    Erickson Living medical team facts:

    • Our board-certified physicians average 20 years of experience working with seniors.
    • Nurse practitioners average 15 years of experience.
    • Nurse clinical specialists in mental health average 23 years of experience.
    • The team also includes physical, speech and occupational therapists, dietitians, social workers and more.
  • Q:

    Who decides what type of care I need?

    Our full-time doctors, nurse practitioners and social workers will complete an evaluation to determine what level of care would be most beneficial to you or your loved one.

  • Q:

    Do I need to live at Greenspring already to come to the continuing care neighborhood?

    Not at all. You or your loved one can come to Greenspring's continuing care neighborhood without being a current resident. This applies to permanent stays such as Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, or Memory Care as well as brief stays such as or Short-Term Rehab.

  • Q:

    Is there a set structure I have to follow at the continuing care neighborhood?

    Absolutely not. Continuing care residents are free to spend their time however they choose. Unlike in more institutional settings, we don't use a disruptive public address system—so all communications are private between residents and staff.

  • Q:

    Can continuing care residents use the amenities at Greenspring?

    Most definitely! Continuing care residents are free to enjoy all there is on Greenspring's 108-acre campus, including the all-season pool, multiple restaurants, local shuttle, day trips, walking paths, clubs, and more.

  • Q:

    How much does continuing care cost at Greenspring?

    Continuing care residents pay a one-time Refundable Entrance Deposit. After that, pricing is structured according to the level of care required. Some services like rehab are covered by Medicare. For details, see our pricing page.

  • Q:

    Is Greenspring Medicare-approved?

    Yes. We are approved by Medicare.

  • Q:

    Do you accept Medicaid?

    People who require Medicaid have usually exhausted their funds. They may not have the entrance deposit needed to move here.

  • Q:

    Can I have guests?

    You bet! This is your home. Your guests are welcome 24 hours a day, any day of the week.