Ann’s Choice Community Update: March 24, 2020

Ann’s Choice is acting with an abundance of caution and taking every measure necessary, consistent with CDC and local health department guidelines, in response to this public health concern. As we continue to be vigilant in our response, we have learned that one employee has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, we have no other reported cases among residents or employees but are closely monitoring those who live and work at our community so we can take immediate action if needed. The impacted employee is at home and receiving appropriate care and treatment. Those who live and work on campus have been informed of this situation, and we are proceeding with the utmost caution. The safety and well-being of those on campus is our highest priority.

In response to this case, and consistent with our protocols, we have notified and instructed anyone who has been in close contact with this employee to remain in their respective homes for a 14-day period, to self-monitor for symptoms, and to call their primary care physician or our on-site medical providers if they develop symptoms.

We continue to take necessary precautions and follow protocols for the effective management of COVID-19. The community’s infection control measures are fully aligned with its emergency response plan, which includes guidelines for aggressive cleaning and disinfection throughout the community. Some of the many other actions taken to protect those on campus include: implementing appropriate social distancing standards and the temporary closure of all dining rooms, on-site salon, fitness center, pool and other activity areas. The community is closed to non-essential visitors; anyone who is granted access to campus undergoes a thorough screening. 

We have also implemented additional services to encourage social distancing. They include an in-home dining program that provides meals, snacks and beverages to every residents’ doorstep. Telehealth medical appointments with our on-site physicians are also available so residents do not have to leave their home for diagnosis or follow-up care.

Ann’s Choice leadership is proud of its dedicated team of professionals who each day are fulfilling their pledge to protect the health and well-being of our residents.