Ann's Choice - Outpatient Rehabilitation in Bucks County, PA

Quality Care to Get You Back on Your Feet

Ann’s Choice in Bucks County specializes in one-on-one physical, speech, and occupational therapy exclusively for seniors.  

Why Rehab at Ann’s Choice?

Here are just a few benefits to our short-term rehabilitation program:

  • A Dedicated Team
  • Unlike other providers, we employ our own in-house therapists. You’ll receive more personal attention and specialized therapy programs to help you heal.
  • Integrated Health and Wellness
  • We combine a personal touch with advanced technologies like HUR and NuStep equipment, and Accelerated Care Plus therapeutic modalities. You’ll benefit from the latest breakthroughs, along with one-on-one care.

What Rehabilitation Services Do We Offer?

Ann’s Choice provides the following benefits and more:

  • Physical/occupational therapy
    • Manual therapy
    • Neuro rehabilitation
    • Balance therapy
  • Speech therapy
    • Cognitive rehabilitation
    • Voice retraining
    • LVST/LOUD® programs for neurological conditions
  • Specialty therapy services
    • Balance and vestibular rehabilitation
    • Pain management
    • Osteoporosis/posture management