Fox Run Residents Are Now Cutting Manufacturer's Coupons from Newspapers to Help Military Personnel Overseas

FOX RUN RESIDENTS ARE NOW CUTTING MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS FROM NEWSPAPERS TO SEND OVERSEAS TO HELP MILITARY PERSONNEL; MORE THAN 5,000 COUPONS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED IN PAST TWO WEEKS  Novi, MI (August 11, 2011) - Fox Run retirement community residents in Novi are now meeting two hours each week to cut manufacturer's coupons from newspapers and send them to commissaries overseas for use by military personnel. This project, which is being held under the auspices of AMVETS, has resulted in more than 5,000 coupons being cut and shipped in the past two weeks alone.  It, according to resident Lucille Hubbard, will continue for as long as residents want to keep it going. "Our residents really enjoy doing what they can to help our troops and military personnel," said Hubbard, who moved to Fox Run in 2003 after having worked as a record keeper for Baltimore Gas & Electric Company in Maryland. "They also like the sociability of this project." She said the project now involves scores of residents who cut coupons from inside their own apartment homes and on their own schedules. Weekend newspaper coupon pamphlets are targeted by the residents, with manufacturers ranging from Proctor and Gamble, Kellogg's, Dove, Jimmy Dean, and Tyson's in the mix. Blue crates marked "Coupons for Troops" are located in Fox Run's crafts studios. Coupons are cut and sorted by residents in three different lengths (small, medium and large).  AMVETS ships the coupons, which are bundled, overseas. "We have more coupons than we know what to do with, "said Hubbard. "And we are just getting started."