Fox Run Residents to Go Back to Their High School Reunion on Friday, September 16, to Solve a Murder Mystery

FOX RUN RESIDENTS TO GO BACK TO THEIR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, TO SOLVE MURDER MYSTERY  WHAT: A Murder Mystery Dinner at Fox Run retirement community in Novi in which  30 residents will dress as they did during their high school years to solve a murder. The residents will be given roles to play and information. They will mingle as if they are at a high school reunion and then they will try to solve the mystery. The theme of this event is "Killer Reunion."  Residents will be served appetizers, Killer Cocktails" and a buffet dinner. WHEN AND WHERE: Friday, September 16, from 3:30 - 7 p.m., in the Belmont Derby Dining Room at Fox Run, 41000 Thirteen Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377. Residents will be available for photos and interviews throughout. This unusual event will be hosted by Riderwood's Dining and Resident Life Departments. WHY? Because detective Sam Spade of Dashiell Hammett's novel "The Maltese Falcon" would expect nothing less.