GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's First Grade Teacher Now Lives at Fox Run; Says He was an "Extremely Polite" Student

GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MITT ROMNEY'S FIRST GRADE TEACHER NOW LIVES AT FOX RUN; SAYS HE WAS AN "EXTREMELY POLITE STUDENT WHO ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN" NOVI, MI (FEBRUARY 9, 2012) - GOP  presidential candidate Mitt Romney's first grade teacher now lives at Fox Run retirement community in Nov, MI. And when she votes for him in the February 28th Michigan primary election she will do so having had the unique first-hand experience of knowing what he was like as a young child. Gloria Blazo taught reading, writing and arithmetic to Romney in 1953 at the public Vaughan Elementary School Bloomfield Hills, MI. Romney was six years old at the time. He was "an extremely polite student who always wanted to learn," she said. "He was not pre-occupied with other things like a lot of my first grade students were," said Blazo, who trained to be a teacher at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. "Once he was told what to do and how to do it he did it and he did it well." Blazo, who moved to Fox Run seven years ago from her home in Royal Oaks, MI,  said she is very proud of Romney. "I think he will make a wonderful president," she said. "He was a fine young boy and he is a fine man." She added she is eager to reunite with Romney through an official campaign event at Fox Run.