Fox Run Residents Are Now Preparing for Their June 6 Wii Bowling Tournament Against Henry Ford Village Residents

FOX RUN RESIDENTS ARE PREPARING FOR THEIR JUNE 6 WII BOWLING TOURNAMENT AGAINST HENRY FORD VILLAGE RESIDENTS NOVI, MI (May 11, 2012) - Fox Run retirement community residents in Novi are now preparing for their upcoming June 6 tournament against Henry Ford Village residents in Dearborn -- and the game scores at Fox Run are impressive. In the past few weeks  there were 42 games bowled with scores of 200 or more. Incredibly, residents Geneva Patton and Nan Wiegand both rolled nine strikes in a row. Patton's s score of 279 was a new high for the Fox Run Wii bowling group. Residents who bowled  games with scores of 200 or more included: Geneva Patton , Karen McRoberts, Hank Kruzel, Nan Wiegand , Ernie Bulgarelli , Bill Wilson, Virginia Ball, Elsie Kerr, Theresa Litke, Joyce Miller, Mort Sterling, Carol Canavan, Justin Marinelli, Don McRoberts, Mary Parsons, B.A. Rays, Ralph Rays, and Marian Shurmur.