Charlestown Celebrates the World at International Extravaganza

Over 275 residents, employees learn about traditions, cultures at event sponsored by the Charlestown Diversity & Inclusion Council

CATONSVILLE, MD---Summer is typically the time to see the world, but for residents and employees of Charlestown retirement community, the world came to them. On August 1st, Charlestown hosted its 2nd Annual International Extravaganza, sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Council.  Over 275 attendees enjoyed a festive celebration of worldwide culture through education, dance, music and delicious food. The mission of the Council is to create a diverse and more inclusive community that respects and appreciates individual differences.  The Council seeks to provide opportunities for members of our community to share experiences that broaden our understanding of one another. Lauren Bostic is the Planning Associate at Charlestown and a member of the Council.  Following the event, she stated that "cultural awareness is an important part of respecting individuals of different nationalities, from different regions, or who have different beliefs and interests.  It is important to share traditions from different nationalities so that we may express and learn from each other's experiences and interests." "The International Extravaganza is a fun way to achieve these goals, and our Council is so grateful for everyone who shared their talents as an exhibitor or performer," noted Ms. Bostic.  "Much appreciation is also extended to the Catering Team for preparing delicious food." "The more understanding we have of our diversity, the more inclusive we can be as a community," concluded Ms. Bostic. The live performances featured the O'Toole School of Irish Dancing and Charlestown's very own Harmonizers. Exhibit Tables International dolls & map - Lorraine Sullivan Scottish Society of Charlestown- Andrew Robertson & Harper Griswold International Display (clothing, etc) - Gwendolyn Biddle Cameroon display- Joy Gould Bolivia & West Africa - Bob Mitzel Japanese Kimono - Mary Evans Origami - Natosha Bombgardner International Video display - Barbara Walker Israel/Jewish display - Pamela Silberman & Candice Arbesman Catering Menu Vegetable Samosas: (Stuffed Savory Pastry filled with Potatoes, onions, peas and coriander)- India, North and South Africa Jerk Chicken Strips: (dry-rubbed or wet marinated allspice, peppers, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper)-Jamaica Spring Rolls: (hot pastry roll, one made with a meat and vegetable filling and fried until crisp and golden)-Southeast Asia Tiramisu: (dessert made with layers of sponge cake soaked in espresso coffee, Marsala, mascarpone cheese, and chocolate)-Italian Popcorn: USA "Sangría" (Fruit punch)-Spain Pita and Hummus: Israel/Jewish

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