Residents Teaching and Learning at Brooksby Village's Life and Learn Program

Peabody, MA - Who says you have to be in college to learn French or American history?  People who live at Brooksby Village are eager to learn and have now started their second semester of Live and Learn courses at Brooksby Village.     "A group of residents and staff came together to talk about ways to increase the number of educational opportunities offered at Brooksby Village," said Fran Gerrior, Community Resources Lead Coordinator, Brooksby Village.  "Residents expressed how interested they are in continuing their life-long learning, most especially from the comfort of their Brooksby Village home.  From these meetings, Live and Learn was created and all of the classes offered are taught by people who live at Brooksby Village."  One of the courses with a waiting list is "Style:  How to Put Yourself Together."  Tyrna Gordon, who lives at Brooksby Village and teaches the class, is an artist who wanted to share her style with other people.  The four classes include a session on color, makeup with Nordstorm, fashion with Chico's and a lesson on scarves.  "People are loving this class and are stopping me at dinner and in the hallways asking how they can sign up," said Gordon.  "All the clothes and fashions we are showing to those in the class are suitable for our age group.  Since the first semester, a few people have changed they color schemes and styles and have thanked me for helping them.  I'm thrilled to help and love teaching the class."   "All of the classes are free with minimal charges for supplies or books," said Gerrior.  "The response was overwhelming and the first semester was a huge success."   The program offers a number of courses including:    ·         FRENCH CONVERSATION ·         HEBREW CONVERSARION ·         VISITING OUR NATIONAL PARKS:   A TRAVELOGUE ·         ORIGAMI LESSONS ·          HOW A POWERPLANT MAKES ELECTRICITY ·         STYLE: HOW TO PUT YOURSELF TOGETHER ·         LIVING IN NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND AS A  GERMAN   DURING WWII ·         PATHS OF AMERICAN THOUGHT: A SURVEY OF AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL AUTHORS ·         GREAT AMERICAN SHORT STORIES   Brooksby Village has three large clubhouses featuring an on-site medical center, staffed by full-time doctors, five restaurants, two convenience stores, two beauty parlors, a TV studio, a swimming pool, activity rooms, classrooms, game rooms and even two branches of a bank.  Residents also have the opportunity to take part in hundreds of different clubs and activities.  The community, home to more than 1900 people, also has its own Interfaith Chapel on campus that serves as the physical foundation for a strong faith-based community.