Greenspring Celebrates Earth Day

[caption id="attachment_111615" align="alignright" width="300"] Staff member, Diane Gatsis Havinga, was named "Greenspring Environmentalist of the Year" by the resident-run Environmentalists group. Diane has biked to work at Greenspring for over 10 years and estimates that she bikes roundtrip about 8 miles to and from the community.[/caption] (Springfield, Va.) - What do you get when you combine a Tegu lizard and a four-wheel, energy efficient pedal car?  Earth Day at Greenspring! On Tuesday, April 22, Greenspring retirement community celebrated Earth Day.   The event included several highlights including a display of fuel efficient vehicles, an assortment of exotic animals from Reptiles Alive!, a Shred-It vehicle, and informational booths and representatives from Green Spring Gardens, Fairfax County Park Authority, the Sierra Club, Greenspring's own Tillagers gardening group, and many others.   During the event, the Greenspring Environmentalists resident group named a "Greenspring Environmentalist of the Year".  The award went to staff member, Diane Gatsis Havinga, who has been riding her bike to work at Greenspring for over ten years.  Diane estimates that she rides about 8 miles roundtrip per day to and from the community.  [caption id="attachment_111617" align="alignright" width="300"] Greenspring residents Ed Dulaney (on his Rhoades car), Bill Weiler (who bikes 10 miles to Accotink Park several times a week), and Linda Kato (of the Environmentalists group) enjoy Earth Day activities at Greenspring![/caption] A number of fuel efficient and energy efficient vehicles were also displayed including a Nissan Leaf, a few Toyota Prius models, and a Lexus CT hybrid.  Additionally, resident Ed Dulaney displayed and permitted trial rides on his four-wheel pedal driven car called a Rhoades car.  Dulaney drives the Rhoades car throughout Greenspring; it has no motor, no fuel requirement, produces no exhaust fumes or carbon emissions, and allows for good exercise!  About Greenspring:  Greenspring is situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Springfield, Virginia.  The community is home to nearly 2000 residents, many of whom reside in the over 1400 independent living apartment homes.  At Greenspring, over 200 resident-run and resident-driven programs promote an engaged, fulfilling lifestyle that is reflected in resident satisfaction levels that exceed the industry average.  Additional information about Greenspring can be found at