Going Green a Step Further at Highland Springs

DALLAS, TX—Conservation is for people of all ages, a point made during the Earth/Arbor Day Expo held at Highland Springs retirement community on April 24.

The interactive event, sponsored by the Conservation Committee of the Residents Advisory Council, provided more than one hundred (100) attendees with resources on enhancing their environmental awareness.

Exhibitors included the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Dallas Arboretum, City of Dallas Water Conservation Department, City of Dallas Sanitation Department, Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension Service, Collin College SAIL (Seniors Active In Learning), University of Texas-Dallas and Grant Leighton Landscaping.

Mrs. Patty O’Steen, a resident of Highland Springs along with her husband Bob, is a member of the RAC Conservation Committee and Chair of the Earth/Arbor Day Expo.  “We are grateful for the partnerships we made with the vendors.  They gave us innovative ideas for working together in the future,” stated Mrs. O’Steen.

The expo offered attendees the opportunity to make an immediate difference, too.  Residents learned about recycling unused medications safely.  

The 89-acre campus will be greener this year based on financial contributions to a pair of tree-planting projects.  During the expo, financial commitments were made to purchase six trees for the “Grow a Tree for Arbor Day” program, and an incredible thirty-nine donations were accepted for the Living Tribute program in which residents could purchase a tree to be planted in honor of someone still living or in memory of a loved one.

“These projects add to what we are already doing at Highland Springs,” noted Mrs. O’Steen.  “For instance, we are beginning to choose email notifications over traditional paper flyers, and we have the option to use reusable containers rather than styrofoam when ordering carry-out from our restaurants.” 

Residents of Highland Springs displayed their talents as well.  Conservation Committee Chairman Brad Keith led a game of “recycle IQ.”  Audrey Couvillon and Phyllis Seloff displayed unique artwork made solely of recycled materials.  The Garden Club was represented as well as the Hillcrest Market. 

“We’re proud that people had fun as they learned more ways to recycle and conserve.  ‘Going green at Highland Springs’ is a mantra in which we invest our time and energy.  We feel it’s the right thing to do and hope our actions inspire people of all ages to be good environmental stewards,” said Mrs. O’Steen.  

About Highland Springs:  Highland Springs is one of eighteen continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living.  Located in North Dallas, Texas, the scenic 89-acre campus is home to more than 700 residents.  Highland Springs is the ideal greater Dallas retirement destination offering a true sense of community, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure.