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Brooksby Village Board of Directors

Brooksby Village is one of 15 communities supported by National Senior Campuses, Inc., (NSC), a not-for-profit organization committed to providing housing, health care (including elder care and nursing care), and other related services to middle-income seniors. NSC and its supported organizations are independent of Erickson Living Management. Their relationship is limited to contractual arrangements related to development and management of the communities. For more information about NSC, visit

Mary Lorenz Linden Ponds Board of Directors
Mary Helen Lorenz
Bruce Beardsley
Bruce J. Beardsley
Barbara Bisgaier
Barbara C. Bisgaier
Wayne Craig Linden Ponds Board of Directors
Wayne J. Craig
Nathaniel Dudley Linden Ponds Board of Directors
Nathaniel J. Dudley
Fred Haas
Fred Haas
Carolyn Markey Photo
Carolyn Markey
Willow Pasley Linden Ponds Board of Directors
Willow Pasley