A 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit

You secure your Brooksby Village independent living apartment home with a one-time deposit that is 90% refundable* to you or your estate.

  • If you choose to leave Brooksby Village, 90% of your deposit will be returned to you.
  • If you live at Brooksby for the rest of your life, 90% of your deposit will be returned to your beneficiaries.
  • Your deposit can be used to cover qualified continuing care expenses.

Please reference our Residence and Care Agreement for the refund terms and conditions. We will happily provide you with a copy when you visit Brooksby Village.

When you sit down and work out the cost of maintenance, repairs, and everything that’s included here, it is a very good value.
Joseph S.

Apartment Home Starting Prices

Information accurate as of January 1, 2020. For a current, complete list of entrance deposit amounts, please contact our Sales and Information Office.


Description90% Refundable Entrance Deposit*
StudioStarting at $124,000
One bedroom, one bathStarting at $195,000
Extra large one bedroom, one bathStarting at $238,000
One bedroom, one bath with denStarting at $320,000
Two bedroom, one bathStarting at $302,000
Two bedroom, one and a half bathStarting at $391,000
Two bedroom, two bathStarting at $405,000
Extra large two bedroom, two bathStarting at $525,000
*As per the Residence and Care Agreement. This price sheet is for reference only. A wide variety of floor plans are available with specific pricing determined by size, style, location, and special features such as balconies, patios, and bay windows. Please ask a sales associate for pricing details and availability.