"For Love of Country"

CATONSVILLE, MD---Veterans and their family members and friends gathered today for an Ecumenical Veterans Day service held at the Our Lady of the Angels Chapel at Charlestown retirement community. Included in the prayers, songs and remembrances of those brave men and women who sacrificed for their nation was a poem authored and presented by John J. Strumsky, Jr., a former Marine and resident of Charlestown.    "FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY"      By: John J. Strumsky, Jr. A salute to all those veterans, tried and true, Who gave of themselves for a higher calling. They served the grand old red, white and blue, Many, on foreign fields of honor, falling. Soldiers---sailors---Coastguardsmen---Marines---and airmen, A patriotic force who took on fierce responsibility. Scared, yet steadfast, men and women, Who on far off battlefields fought so willingly. They left their safety and comfort behind, To ward off foes who threatened our ways. Their valiant efforts through history will shine, We'll cherish their sacrifices all our days. So God bless them all, those wonderful few, Who defended our country on many an occasion. The brave who stood tall when the bugles blew, And protected our liberties against enemy invasion. We thank them for giving their best, To protect us as our frontline guard. May they---our loyal brothers and sisters---rest, In the warmth of our heartfelt love and regard. So rest---dear ones---rest, May God keep you ever blest.