What Is Life Care?

A Wise Investment in Planning for Your Future

Life Care is an innovative approach to planning ahead for whatever challenges may come with living a longer life. Life Care is a type of continuing care community that provides residents with financial and health care security. For an initial entrance fee investment and a monthly service fee, residents at Devonshire at PGA National can enjoy active community living today with the assurance of unlimited access to quality health care services, whenever they may need it, provided by Chatsworth at PGA National.

Set Your Mind at Ease

The security and peace of mind provided by Life Care allows you to be free to focus on your interests, develop and maintain friendships, and enjoy the stimulating environment that defines Devonshire at PGA National.

Life Care guarantees you will have care in the future, when you need it.

As a resident of Devonshire at PGA National, should you ever need it, you will receive unlimited assisted living, memory care, and/or skilled nursing for the same monthly service fee you pay to live independently at Devonshire at PGA National. This “Type A” Life Care contract assures you considerable savings over market rates for the same health care services. The value of this savings will continue to increase with the increasing costs of health care. Refer to our Residency Contract for full details.