Our Reopening Plan

Thanks to the ongoing commitment of residents and staff to effectively combat COVID-19, our community is able to safely reopen select amenities and services, in alignment with CDC, state, and local infection prevention protocols. Our thoughtful and deliberate reopening strategy will occur in phases in order to protect the health and well-being of residents, employees, vendors, and their families.

Summer 2020 Openings

  • Resident gardening
  • Walking paths and nature trails
  • Croquet court
  • Fitness center, with limited capacity and by appointment
  • Outdoor pool, with limited capacity
  • Salon, with limited capacity and by appointment
  • Library, with limited capacity
  • The Piccadeli, for lunchtime carryout food and beverage service
  • Transportation services
  • Newspaper deliveries resume
  • Personal collection of U.S. mail resumes
  • Outpatient rehabilitation, by appointment
  • Bank, with limited capacity and by appointment

Additional amenities and services will reopen soon, with guidance provided by the CDC, state health officials, and our own medical professionals. Check back regularly for updates.

Independent Living Visitor Requirements

Visitors are still restricted at this time, in accordance with current state requirements.

Ongoing Infection Prevention

As our community systematically reopens, residents and staff members will continue to practice these proven preventive measures:

  • Wear a protective mask over the nose and mouth while in the community
  • Practice safe social distancing by staying at least six feet from others
  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day
  • Stay at home when sick

For more information on how we continue to proactively respond to COVID-19 across all Erickson-Living managed communities, visit our COVID-19 microsite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every week, our dining team is creating nutritious menus with as much variety as possible. We package up breakfast and lunch items and snacks in addition to providing full dinners that include an entrée, side dishes, and dessert. These meals are delivered directly to every resident’s door, along with heating instructions and a phone number to call if they have questions. Now that many communities have begun to reopen, cafés, pubs, and taverns are also offering food and beverage carryout service.

We have a concierge service in place to deliver groceries, prescriptions, packages, and other items a resident has ordered to their doorstep.

At many of our communities, the on-site medical center is now open for appointments. All communities continue to offer telehealth, which is the ability to have a telephone appointment with a member of our medical staff from the comfort of a resident’s apartment home. If a resident needs to get to a medical appointment off campus, we are still offering transportation for these types of situations only.

Each community is developing its own plan, with resident and employee safety and well-being as the number one focus. Most campuses have begun systematically reopening many on-site amenities and services so residents can stay on campus rather than leaving the community and risking further exposure to COVID-19. Our in-home dining plan will continue for the foreseeable future and our essential visitor policy remains in effect.

Since appropriate social distancing is paramount to stopping the spread of COVID-19, we will limit the number of residents allowed in any campus venue at the same time. The fitness center, aquatics center, salon, medical center, and bank will be open by appointment only.

Residents should continue to follow all current COVID-19 preventive measures. This includes wearing a mask over the nose and mouth at all times when outside of their apartment home, washing hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day, maintaining six feet of distance from others, and staying home and notifying the medical center if they feel sick.

Residents are required to show their badge or parking pass/sticker in order to gain entry to the community. Residents who leave the community grounds should be mindful that they are increasing their risk of coming in contact with someone who is carrying COVID-19. For that reason, upon return, residents should be vigilant in protecting themselves and others by thoroughly washing their hands, practicing safe social distancing, and wearing a face mask. Residents who feel unwell should immediately call the on-site medical center for guidance.