Male resident sitting down at his desk working on personal finances.

A Sensible Financial Structure

Safeguard Your Future.

Devonshire’s life care commitment protects you from the rising costs of health care and guarantees you access to higher levels of care at Chatsworth, our Continuing Care neighborhood. Choosing life care is not just a smart financial decision; it’s a priceless gift of peace of mind for your family.

Affordable, Predictable Costs.

There are two financial components to living at Devonshire:

  • Entrance Fee. This one-time upfront investment secures your apartment home for as long as you live at Devonshire. Fees vary based on the size and location of your apartment home and whether you are living alone or as a couple. We offer several financial options for your consideration. Refer to the Residency Contract for complete details.

  • Monthly Fee. This fee covers many of the costs you already pay to own and maintain your home. It also includes a variety of extra services that make your lifestyle easier and more convenient. Unlike your current expenses, Devonshire’s monthly fee does not fluctuate. Once the fee is set for the year, your bill remains consistent and predictable. Monthly fees differ, based on your specific apartment home and the number of occupants. Refer to the pricing information pages for ranges.

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