Devonshire resident David Rollason

Portrait of the artist

Roughly 15 years ago, as David Rollason’s wife recuperated from a hip operation, he started worrying about how she’d fare if he weren’t around. She told him she’d been worrying the same about him.

That’s when they decided to move from their condominium in Juno Beach to a Life Care community. None appealed until they visited Devonshire.

From the moment they entered PGA National’s grounds, David marveled at how beautiful, up to date, and well maintained everything was. 

Most importantly, Devonshire and its continuing care neighborhood, Chatsworth, provided the peace of mind the Rollasons sought. 

“Devonshire gave me a whole new life,” David says. “I discovered a world I hadn’t been a part of.” 

David’s wife has since passed away. Today, he has a strong circle of friends to support him. He socializes with neighbors each morning and pursues his passion for art, specifically painting portraits and Western landscapes.

David has set up an artist’s studio in his apartment home, where he displays portraits of his children and grandchildren. “I live with my family,” he says.

When the sun begins to set, this man who decided at retirement he’d never again wear a tie, often changes to slacks, jacket, and yes, a tie, to join friends for a festive get-together of drinks and dinner in the clubhouse. 

“Dressing up makes dinner an event,” David says. “Before Devonshire, my life was so small. I live a much larger life now.”

David Rollason