Devonshire resident Morris Glazer

On location with the photographer

If Devonshire has a documentary photographer, it’s Morris Glazer. A resident since 2003, he’s spent the past several years photographing the lifestyle and spirit of the people who call Devonshire home.

Whether it’s a campus-wide meeting, a special activity, or a Monday evening “Showtime” event featuring live entertainment, Morris and his Nikon are there. 

A Philadelphia native, Morris lived in Southeast Florida for 50 years before moving to Devonshire from Boynton Beach. He retired at 55, played golf, and traveled the world with his wife. A former English major, he also did lots of reading and writing. And he took photos.

“I go far back in photography,” he says. “As a boy, I loved the magic of watching a blank sheet of paper turn into a work of art or a portrait when I had it in the developing fluid. We even made our own pinhole cameras and used them.”

Much later, at the end of WWII, Morris headed Special Services for the Army Air Force bases in Alaska. One base had a photo lab. 

Being a creative thinker, when Morris found a reel of Army movie film, he cut it into small strips and used them to take hundreds of photos with his primitive Argus 35mm still camera. Of course, he developed them himself. 

“It was hands-on and it was fun,” he says. 

Morris is known now for his photo collages. He posts them on Devonshire’s bulletin board, and staff posts them online. “I try to capture a happening and tell a story,” he says. Scrolling through the collages on Devonshire’s Facebook page is like perusing a family album. 

“So many wonderful things happen here,” Morris says. “When an outsider looks at my photos, they see how we live.”

Morris Glazer