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The Erickson Living Tribune is your source for original content and reporting on the topics you care about, including independent senior living, health and well-being, and planning a move to a CCRC.

Making the Decision to Move to a Senior Living Community

Many of us to wish there was a quick way to move into a refreshed setting that inspires us to truly live our lives to the fullest. And maybe there is.

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Looking for An Easier Way to Manage Your Move?

It’s not relocating that overwhelms us—it’s everything that comes before. Decluttering, disposing of unwanted items, packing, unpacking … but help is available.

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When Downsizing, Small Steps Make a Big Difference

Now is the perfect time of year to open the windows, sweep out the cobwebs, and start clearing out the clutter. But where do you begin? My advice: start small.

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