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PUBLIC NOTICE: HIPAA Breach Notification. Information on the limited theft of patient information.

We at Riderwood Village take resident and patient privacy seriously. Although there is a very low risk to patients and residents, we want to let the public know about a recent incident that occurred on our campus which resulted in limited patient health information (PHI) being potentially released.

Over the weekend of November 17-18, 2012, five laptops were stolen from Riderwood’s physical therapy offices. The theft of the laptops was immediately reported to local law enforcement authorities, a report was filed, and the matter remains under investigation. The laptops were password protected and information on the laptops did not include social security numbers, Medicare numbers, or other sensitive financial information. However, internal review revealed that not all of the files on the laptops were encrypted. The unencrypted files included patient names, information about services provided, dates of birth, and certain insurance information. On further review and investigation, on December 18, 2012 we learned that the unencrypted information also included Erickson health plan member names, addresses, and policy numbers.

There has been no indication of any improper access or use of the personal information contained on the laptops and the motive for the crime appears to be the laptops themselves, and not the information contained on them. However, since the laptop theft, we have taken preventative measures including reviewing encryption and security policies, and retraining staff about the importance of appropriately maintaining sensitive information.

If you were personally affected by this theft and we have your current address, you will be receiving a letter informing you of the incident and measures you may take. Should you have any questions, please contact Erickson Living’s Privacy Officer at (888) 978-1310.