Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

I like to work for an Erickson Living community because the people here are all totally dedicated to the well-being of the residents. The staff are really friendly and everyone works as a team. The atmosphere is very warm and supportive.

—Peter Dawson, Certified Nursing Assistant

This is such a positive work environment with so many interesting residents to learn from. I also appreciate that the leadership trusts me to do the things that I think need to be done to assist the residents in their spiritual life. However, if I had to put it simply, I like working at Erickson Living because everything you do is appreciated and valued.

Bert Moore, Pastoral Ministries Manager

If I was to sum up the beauty of working here at Erickson Living, it would be all about the extended family we get by being here.... After 6 ½ years here in the Dining Department, I have been given the opportunity to make lifetime friends and have so many wonderful moments through being a part of their everyday existence through feeding and receiving "food for thought" on a daily basis as well as feeding their stomachs. Here in dining, Erickson has given us a unique way to make work seem less than a day at the office but more like a day at the dinner table with your family.

Kevin Morrow, Service Manager

My name is Shanique Wray, and I am a certified nursing assistant. I love working at my community because the facility is clean and I am valued by co-workers, my supervisors, and my director of nursing. One of the other significant reasons why I love working for Erickson is that all the benefits are excellent for employees.

Shanique Wray, Certified Nursing Assistant

I work for a company that cares about their employees and gives them the opportunity to grow and succeed within the company, a company that cares about serving people and makes a difference in their lives. Working in the dining service, with a strong leadership and team, makes it even more enjoyable to get up and come to work every morning.

Mohammad Bayan, Service Manager

It is so hard to sum up why I like working at Erickson Living in one sentence...Erickson Living has become my second family. Between the residents and staff, I feel like I am coming to my second home when I arrive at work. I have the pleasure of enjoying the residents' life stories during my day along with sharing and meeting common goals with my co-workers. When I was a kid, I would get cranky on Sunday nights because I had to go to school on Mondays...now as an adult I get excited on Sunday nights because I am going into a week of new experiences, challenges, and fun!

Danielle Hillman, Reoccupancy Manager