'The Aging Boomers' radio show expands audience with podcast

A popular California radio show for Baby Boomers has gone global. "The Aging Boomers," available free on iTunes, delivers news and senior health tips geared toward the 45 and over crowd.

Frank Samson, a certified senior advisor and expert in senior care, hosts the show. Samson has been broadcasting on a local California station, but he found people outside the region were interested in his show. As a result, he moved the program to the Web so people could listen internationally.

"The Aging Boomers" focuses on mental, financial and physical health for people ages 45 and older. Every episode is free and available for download from iTunes. You can catch the show live on Monday and Friday mornings.

The following episodes are already accessible online and new topics will be added each week.

  • Keeping Older Drivers Safe
  • Advances in Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Alzheimer's Disease Research
  • Family Planning For Eldercare
  • Understanding Elder Care Management
  • Solutions for Independent Living
  • Assisted Living...What You Need to Know
  • Senior Scams and Preventions
  • What's In-Home Care All About?
  • The Vintage Years