Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Sharing our time, talents and treasures

At Erickson Living, employees and residents are empowered to actively engage their time and resources for the betterment of the larger community. That sense of responsibility is at the core of our mission: 'We share our gifts to create communities that celebrate life.'

Each Erickson Living community supports causes and organizations important to the individuals who live and work there. Residents and employees annually donate hundreds of thousands of hours in volunteer time and millions of dollars.

That attitude of giving back is reinforced and cultivated by the values we expect our employees to demonstrate: Respect and Caring; Diversity; Friendliness and Enthusiasm; Integrity; Responsibility; Excellence; and Teamwork.

Community development—striving to be good neighbors

Erickson Living campuses have earned a reputation for being good neighbors to their surrounding communities. Community leaders quickly become enthusiastic supporters when they see the positive impact an Erickson Living campus could have in their area.

Low-impact development

Our professional planners work with members of the community to design a campus that will bring much-needed services while minimizing the effect on the area's traffic, aesthetics, environment, character and culture. Erickson Living campuses are uniquely self-sufficient, providing their own security and emergency response service. They also handle their own road repair, snow removal and other services typically funded by the local government. Further positive economic impact is generated through capital investment, community expenses and the creation of about 1,000 new jobs per campus.