Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Offers Extra Care for a Rewarding Life

Assisted living1 at the continuing care neighborhood is designed for people who are generally in good health but require extra help with day-to-day tasks like taking medications, enjoying meals, or getting dressed.

Residents of the assisted living facilities benefit from private rooms,2 compassionate care, and an entire community filled with amenities and services, including a choice of on-site restaurants. You or your loved one will enjoy a warm and comfortable setting. Assisted living residents are welcome to bring favorite furniture and décor to make their private rooms feel like home.

Most importantly, you or your loved one will continue to enjoy an independent, active, and fulfilling life. Assisted living residents can pursue their interests through dozens of clubs, classes, and activities—both within the continuing care neighborhood and at the larger Erickson Living-managed campus.

Learn More About our Senior Assisted Living Facilities 

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1Assisted care at Brooksby Village and Linden Ponds. Personal care at Maris Grove.
2With the exception of some rooms at Charlestown.