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Fox Run in the News

Here's what's been happening at Fox Run in Novi.

Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick Publishes "Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood"

May 4, 2012
Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick Publishes  " Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood" NASHVILLE, TN. (May 14, 2012) - Elk Lake Publishing has announced the release of Novi Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick's Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood , a step-by-step approach for fathers and male mentors guiding boys as they transform into men of courage, honor and integrity. The book is being distributed exclusively to the CBA market through New Day Christian Distributors. In  Man Quest , McCormick has captured six essential guideposts designed to bring fathers and sons together on a life-changing spiritual quest. Dads (or mentors)...

Fox Run Education Volunteer Bill Moran Looks Forward to the Start of Each New School Year

May 4, 2012
FOX RUN EDUCATION VOLUNTEER BILL MORAN LOOKS FORWARD TO THE STRAT OF EACH NEW SCHOOL YEAR NOVI, MI (May 4, 2012) - Schoolchildren may now be counting down the days until summer, but one Novi retiree is already looking forward to the upcoming fall resumption of classes. He is Bill Moran, a resident of Fox Run retirement community who has dedicated his life to education and who volunteers at City Mission in Detroit where he teaches children to read. He has been doing this for the past eight years and he has no intention of stopping. Moran gathered about five...

Fox Run's Executive Director Michael McCormick Offers Tips to Help You Avoid Scams

May 1, 2012
FOX RUN'S EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MICHAEL MCCORMICK OFFERS TIPS TO HELP YOU AVOID SCAMS INVOLVING MEDICARE, GRANDCHILDREN AND TRIPS/PRIZES  NOVI, MI (May 1, 2012) - Scam artists use an array of techniques -- forms sent in the mail, telephone calls, or emails - this time of year to get money from unsuspecting victims. As a public service, Michael McCormick, the Executive Director for Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI, recaps the scams now making the rounds and offers tips to help you avoid them: n  The "Medicare Call" - a person calls, claiming to represent Medicare or Medicaid, and wants to...

Erickson Living, Developer and Manager of Fox Run, Unveils New Customer-Focused Website

Apr 30, 2012
ERICKSON LIVING UNVEILS NEW CUSTOMER-FOCUSED WEBSITE; USER-FRIENDLY INTERACTIVE ONLINE RESOURCE SETS INDUSTRY STANDARD  BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - April 30, 2012 - Erickson Living, developer and manager of Fox Run in Novi, today announced the launch of its new and improved  Erickson Living  website.  This redesigned web-platform was created to provide a more custom and interactive experience that engages, educates and inspires customers and other online visitors.   iProspect , a leading global digital performance agency, worked with Erickson Living to establish maximum online visibility across all search engines. "The customer-focused design of this website is unlike any other in the...

Fox Run Offers Ten Helpful Tips to Help You De-Clutter Your Home During Springtime

Apr 24, 2012
TEN HELPFUL TIPS TO HELP YOU DE-CLUTTER YOUR HOME DURING SPRINGTIME NOVI, MI  (April 24 2012) -- Spring is the perfect opportunity to tackle the clutter you have accumulated over time.  It seems like an overwhelming task, but not if you follow some basic getting-started tips. "De-cluttering is a great annual spring cleaning ritual," said Fred Moschetta, the director of sales for Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI. He offers the following ten tips to place you on the path to de-cluttering your home: 1.  Start small.  Do a little every day. Set a timer, starting with just 20 minutes...

Fox Run Honors its WOW Employees and Departments

Apr 4, 2012
FOX RUN HONORS ITS WOW EMPLOYEES AND DEPARTMENTS NOVI, MI  (April 4, 2012) -- Each year the Fox Run retirement community's Executive Team hosts an Oscar-style award show to recognize employees for their fantastic achievements during the previous year. Fox Run had a magical 2011 with record occupancy and record high resident satisfaction survey results, and there was much to celebrate. The employees and departments who "took home the gold" at the WOW Awards this year were: Individual Awards: Armand Pirgu was named Fox Run's Best of the Best. Armand is always willing to help out a teammate and goes the...

Fox Run Receives High Marks on its Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey

Mar 1, 2012
FOX RUN RECEIVES HIGH MARKS ON ITS ANNUAL RESIDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY NOVI, MI (March 1, 2012) -- Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI, has received high marks on its annual resident satisfaction survey. The community, which is managed by Erickson Living,  scored 90 percent overall satisfaction from its nearly 1,000 residents, which is the top ranking among all Erickson communities. "2011 was a banner year at Fox Run," Executive Director Michael McCormick said. "There's no coincidence that our resident satisfaction is the highest ever and our occupancy is the strongest in the history of Fox Run." Staff puts stock...

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's First Grade Teacher Now Lives at Fox Run; Says He was an "Extremely Polite" Student

Feb 9, 2012
GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MITT ROMNEY'S FIRST GRADE TEACHER NOW LIVES AT FOX RUN; SAYS HE WAS AN "EXTREMELY POLITE STUDENT WHO ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN" NOVI, MI (FEBRUARY 9, 2012) - GOP  presidential candidate Mitt Romney's first grade teacher now lives at Fox Run retirement community in Nov, MI. And when she votes for him in the February 28 th  Michigan primary election she will do so having had the unique first-hand experience of knowing what he was like as a young child. Gloria Blazo taught reading, writing and arithmetic to Romney in 1953 at the public Vaughan Elementary School...

There Will be "Chocolate, Chocolate -- and More Chocolate!" Everywhere on Valentine's Day at Fox Run

Feb 6, 2012
THERE WILL BE "CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE - AND MORE CHOCOLATE -- EVERYWHERE!" ON VALENTINE'S DAY AT FOX RUN  WHAT: A Valentine's Day 'History of Chocolate' extravaganza at Fox Run, a continuing care retirement community in Novi, MI, in which hundreds of residents will expose their guilty pleasures by sampling an array of chocolate delicacies prepared by the nation's finest chefs. The residents will bask in the nostalgia and romanticism of chocolate as they celebrate Valentine's Day . Family members of residents who have flown into Novi will also participate. And there promises to be a few "surprises," according to the participating...

Fox Run Resident Diane Pieknik Takes to the Ice to Play in Novi, MI, Hockey League Playoffs

Feb 2, 2012
FOX RUN RETIREMENT COMMUNITY RESIDENT DIANE PIEKNIK TAKES TO THE ICE TO PLAY IN NOVI, MI, HOCKEY LEAGUE PLAYOFFS; SHE IS A LEFT WINGER ON HER TEAM NOVI, MI (February 2, 2011) - Fox Run retirement community resident Diane Pieknik is getting ready for the hockey playoff season. She suits up with her helmet, mouth guard, neck protector, chest protector, elbow pads, gloves, pelvic protector, pants, shin guards, and stockings. She laces her skates, grabs her hockey stick and heads to Suburban Ice in Farmington Hills where she is a Left Winger for a team in Novi's Women's Beginners Adult...