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Fox Run in the News

Here's what's been happening at Fox Run in Novi.

Disney is at Fox Run Year-Round

Feb 16, 2016

NOVI, MI (February 16, 2016) – It’s all Disney all the time in the office of Peggy Mather, the Community Resources Manager for Fox Run retirement community, where 120 items – stuffed Disney characters and lithographs and cells of Disney pictures and movies -- are rotated and displayed year-round.

The more prominent items are the cells of the pictures that Mather started collecting nearly 30 years ago. They represent an assortment of Disney dogs. A special cell that was given to her by...

Random Acts of Kindnesss Being Celebrated at Fox Run

Feb 16, 2016

NOVI, MI (February 16, 2016) – Hundreds of random acts of kindness are being celebrated throughout the month of February at Fox Run retirement community by residents and a staff. This celebration is part of the community’s participation in the City of Novi’s “Random Acts of Kindness Program.” T he goal is to spread good deeds to those living and working in the community.

Being kind at its core is caring about others and treating them the way you wish to be treated,...

Fred Moschetta is Named Fox Run’s Leader of the Year

Feb 9, 2016

NOVI, MI (February 9, 2016) – Fox Run retirement community has named Associate Executive Director Fred Moschetta its Leader of the Year. Fred and the Fox Run Sales Team last year sold out a new 95-unit residential building (Edgewater) and due to this immense sales success, the community is building another 116-unit building (Twin Pines) that is set to open in the fall of 2016.

Fred, who had served as Sales Director, expanded his role to Associate Executive Director in 2015 and took...

Former "Broadcast Voice" of Eastern Michigan University Finds New Audiences at Fox Run

Jan 6, 2016

NOVI, MI (January 6, 2016) -- John Fountain, the former “broadcast voice” of Eastern Michigan University football and basketball, today has new audiences at Fox Run in Novi, MI, where he now records two sports shows each week that air on the retirement community’s in-house TV channel.

John has always loved sports reporting and play-by-play broadcasting. Throughout his life, he has found opportunities—both paid and unpaid—to do what he loves most.

When John was in the U.S. Navy and stationed in Libya, he volunteered on top of his regular duties as...

Two Fox Run Grandfathers Make 200 Wooden Toy Cars for Underprivileged Kids

Nov 17, 2015

NOVI, MI (November 17, 2015) -- Grandparents love delighting their grandchildren with new toys at Christmastime. Unfortunately, many underprivileged kids don’t have family to spoil them. That’s why two generous grandfathers who live at Fox Run retirement community are using their woodworking skills to make sure hundreds of less fortunate children have a good holiday, too.

Casey Rost and Don Boufford teamed up to make about 200 wooden toy cars to donate to Toys for Tots. The cars benefit kids in the Detroit area. Fox Run received a request from Toys for Tots for toy donations last year, and...

Fox Run Residents to Form Michigan's Largest Retiree Kick Line to Frank Sinatra's "New York New York"

Nov 16, 2015

NOVI, MI – Scores of Fox Run retirement community residents in Novi, MI, will form what is – arguably – Michigan’s Largest Retiree Kick Line to Frank Sinatra’s song “New York New York” Friday, November 20, at 5 p.m., during their celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. They will do it at a dance party with Sinatra vocalist/impersonator Gary Sacco that will feature a Jack Daniels (Sinatra’s favorite drink) toast.

This Kick Line is part of month-long “Fridays with Frank” interactive events at Fox Run , 41000 Thirteen Mile Road, that include storytelling sessions, movies, a piano performance, trivia...

Fox Run Residents Celebrate Frank Sinatra's 100th Birthday With Month-Long Interactive Events

Nov 2, 2015

NOVI, MI (November 2, 2015 ) – Fox Run residents will celebrate the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra throughout November with a series of interactive events, highlighted by a November 20 dance party with Sinatra vocalist Gary Sacco that will include a Jack Daniels (Sinatra’s favorite drink) nightcap toast.

The “Fridays with Sinatra” events at the Novi retirement community, 41000 Thirteen Mile Road, will also feature storytelling sessions, movies, a piano performance, a trivia contest, and a special pub celebration.

The itinerary follows:

November 6 (1-2 p.m.) : “Remembering Our Friend Frank.” Reminiscing and story sharing of...

Halloween Show at Fox Run Leaves 'Em Laughing

Nov 2, 2015

NOVI, MI (November 2, 2015) – Costumed Fox Run retirement community staff participated in 90-minute Halloween Show for the entertainment of more than 100 residents who attended. Residents and staff modeled their respective Halloween costumes for prior to the show.

The Dining Team won the group performance with its skit on the Presidential Debates. The Resident Life Team won the Executive Director’s Award for its “Wizard of Oz” skit. Both groups received a celebratory lunch off-campus for their prizes.

Megan Smith and Caren Fifer emceed the event, and Rick Coulter and Peggy Mather were the driving forces behind-the-scenes...

Josie, a Chihuahua, is Fox Run's "Most Energetic" Dog

Oct 20, 2015

NOVI, MI ( October 20, 2015) – Josie, a Chihuahua, won the “Most Energetic” award at Fox Run retirement community’s 6th Annual Strut Your Mutt Dog Show. And her owner Marge Ceh could not be more proud.

Josie and Marge, who have been together for two months, adore each other. Marge’s friends in North Carolina found Josie at a rescue facility called “Caring Hearts for K-9’s” in Southern Pines. They instantly thought of Marge, so they drove up to Michigan and delivered Jose to Marge.

Josie and Marge now walk four times a day around Fox Run’s 108-acre...

Fox Run Residents Play Key Role in Tollgate Farm Osprey Project

Oct 20, 2015

NOVI, MI ( October 20, 2015) – Fox Run retirement community residents Chet Tarczynski and Tom Gray were key volunteers who this month planted a large wooden platform near Tollgate Farm’s pond in hopes that it will attract a nesting pair of osprey next spring.

There are several ospreys in the area and many have visited the Tollgate Farm pond. Tarczynski and Gray were said by Tollgate Farm manager Roy Prentice to have been instrumental in bringing together Detroit Edison, Osprey Watch and Michigan State University for this project.

The views of rolling farmland available around Tollgate Farm...