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Simple, Maintenance-Free Senior Living

 If you could, would you eliminate these time-consuming homeowner worries?

  • Budgeting for unexpected maintenance costs

  • Monitoring heating and cooling usage

  • Replacing appliances

  • Preparing the house before extended vacations

  • Making home repairs

When you live Greenspring’s maintenance-free lifestyle, you’ll never have to think about shopping for a new dishwasher or wearing an extra layer to save on energy costs in the winter. Just about everything you can imagine is taken care of by our Northern Virginia retirement community’s full-time maintenance staff. Now you can spend time reading, exercising, chatting with friends—whatever you want!

Our community aims to make balancing your budget as simple as possible. With energy costs staying the same all year long and one easy monthly payment for utilities and maintenance, you can live a worry-free, fulfilling retirement.

In a house, something always needs to be repaired, but not here. If you have a problem, you pick up the phone and it’s taken care of.
Bill K.