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Here’s the latest from Linden Ponds.

16 Linden Ponds Residents Win 60 Medals at Quincy Senior Olympics

Jun 15, 2015

Hingham, MA -- Sixteen residents who live at Linden Ponds in Hingham participated in the Quincy Senior Olympics and took home 60 medals! Nine women and seven men participated in a number of events including track and field, swimming, bocce, bowling, billiards, darts and more.

“We had a great group of residents participate this year,” said Ed Petcavage, Linden Ponds resident and winner...

Linden Ponds Welcomed Danielle Vollmar, WCVB-TV, and 130 guests to Annual Garden Promenade Event

Jun 15, 2015

Hingham, MA -- Linden Ponds welcomed Danielle Vollmar, Meteorologist from WCVB-TV Channel 5 and 130+ guests to the Annual Linden Ponds Garden Promenade Event.

The Linden Ponds gardens cover close to an acre, bursting with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

“We were very excited about this year’s event,” said Christine Hansen, Director of Sales, Linden Ponds. “Guests joined the Linden Ponds Gardener’s Club for a guided walking tour of their flower and vegetable gardens. And all female guests will receive their very own homemade oversized hat!”

The Linden Ponds gardens are a patchwork of mini-gardens, each about 9...

Annual Student Scholarship Week at Linden Ponds

May 6, 2015

Hingham, MA -- Thirty two students working at Linden Ponds from all over the South Shore are participating in the annual Student Scholarship Week this week to raise money for the Linden Ponds Student Scholarship Fund.

The Linden Ponds Scholarship Fund is for student employees who plan to attend a college or accredited trade school beginning fall 2015. The students need to have worked at Linden Ponds during their junior and senior year and put in 1000 hours of work. Those students will receive a total of $5,000 over four years of college. The money will be dispersed directly...

Linden Ponds Resident Promoted to Professor at Berklee College of Music

Apr 6, 2015

Hingham, MA -- She has been teaching part time at Berklee College of Music for 18 years as an Associate Professor in the Department of Music Education. Now, Nalora Steele, age 83, of Linden Ponds in Hingham, is a full Professor at the College.

“I feel honored to have been promoted,” said Steele. “This is an unusual accomplishment for a part time faculty member. I do love teaching, and I commute from Linden Ponds in Hingham to Boston every week. This is now the top of the Academic ladder and I couldn't be happier or more grateful.”...

Linden Ponds Creates Indoor Gardens with Hundreds of Flowers

Mar 23, 2015

Hingham, MA -- It’s been a record breaking winter for snow! That’s why people who live at Linden Ponds thought they would kick off Spring by creating real gardens inside the retirement community with HUNDREDS of real flowers!

Welcome Spring, created by Marty Saunders and a number of other residents, includes gardens and a sculpture once featured at the Boston Flower Show made by Linden Ponds resident Lloyd Lillie.

“With all the snow we have had this winter, everyone has been anxious for Spring this year,” said Saunders. “The residents and I have worked very hard...

Linden Ponds Artists Create Hall of Presidents

Feb 12, 2015

Hingham, MA -- When Linden Ponds decided they wanted to celebrate the many Presidents of the United States, residents Burt Longenbach and members of his water color painting class responded.

The artists came together to create The Linden Ponds Hall of Presidents Exhibition which includes a number of charcoal drawings of many Presidents (18 in by 24 in) and four 6ft by 8ft watercolor portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and new this year President Barack Obama.

"This is the 3 rd year the Hall of Presidents Exhibition has been on display at Linden Ponds,"...

Linden Ponds Holds Food Drive for Island of Fogo

Jan 23, 2015

Hingham, MA – Linden Ponds in Hingham ran a Food Drive for people on the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde. The Island experienced a major volcano eruption that displaced over 1500 villagers and decimated agricultural farmland.

“We have employees who have family there or moved from there and they really wanted to do something to help them,” said Jackie Scungio, Director of Human Resources, Linden Ponds. “Hundreds of non-perishable food items were collected from our very generous residents and employees.

From left to right: Jorge DosSantos, Board Member – Cape Verdean Association; Maria...

Linden Ponds Chef Shares His Award Winning Chili Recipe

Jan 7, 2015

Hingham, MA -- Planning a Playoff Party for this weekend when the New England Patriots face the Baltimore Ravens? Below is Bill Moriarty’s, Executive Chef at Linden Ponds , Award Winning chili recipe for parties this weekend.

Chef Bill's Award Winning Chili

Ground Chuck 80% Lean

4 lbs

Canola Oil

1 tbls

Minced Onion

12 oz

Minced Garlic

2 tbls

Ground Cumin

3 tbls

Dark Chili Powder

3 tbls

Chipotle Chili Powder

1 tsp

Crushed Tomatoes

4 pts


Hingham Police Collect Hundreds of Toys at Linden Ponds

Jan 5, 2015

Hingham, MA -- Hingham Police officers were at Linden Ponds accepting the hundreds of toys both people who live and work there donated to the Hingham Police Toy Drive.

Residents at Linden Ponds presented 12 shopping carts full of toys to the Hingham Police Department.

“We have been collecting new toys for the Hingham Police Department’s Toys for Tots Drive for years,” said Molly Lynch St. John, Community Services Manager, Linden Ponds. “The staff and residents love helping the Hingham Police Department every year and we are honored to be able to present hundreds of toys to them...

Hundreds Attend the Linden Ponds Harvest Fair

Nov 17, 2014

Hingham, MA -- Hundreds of people attended the Linden Ponds Harvest Fair.

Thirty crafters, some of who live at Linden Ponds, displayed and sold their handmade jewelry, paintings, holiday ornaments, handbags, and more.

“We had an amazing turnout at this year’s Linden Ponds Harvest Fair,” said Connie Graham, Linden Ponds resident. “There are so many gifted crafters living here at Linden Ponds and this provides a way for them to share their talents. We also have a number of outside crafters coming to Linden Ponds to showcase their work. It was a wonderful day here at Linden Ponds.”...