Joseph Schlicht

Retirement Costs at Maris Grove

At this Delaware County senior living community, you won’t have to spend hours budgeting your finances or writing check after check each month. Instead, you’ll have predictable and affordable retirement living costs—even more so than other Glen Mills communities.

Affordable Senior Living

  1. 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit*
    This one-time 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit secures your maintenance-free independent living apartment home for as long as you live here. It’s 90% refundable to you or to your heirs.
  2. Monthly Service Package
    The cost of your Monthly Service Package remains the same all year. Each month, you’ll write just one check to cover most of your typical homeowner expenses.

Woody and Royalene Doyle

I think the value we receive for our dollar amount here is incredible.

—Woody and Royalene Doyle

A Secure Future

Maris Grove quickly proved itself to be a leader in worry-free retirement living, in part due to its sound financial foundation. Here are a few of our impressive qualifications:

  • Stable Infrastructure
    Maris Grove is managed by Erickson Living, a network of retirement communities with 30-plus years of expertise in the senior living industry. Currently, Erickson Living has 19 communities in 11 states.

  • Not-for-Profit Community
    Maris Grove is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and an affiliate of National Senior Campuses, Inc. (NSC). The focus of the boards of NSC and its affiliated communities is on pursuing their not-for-profit missions and on the people who call the NSC communities home.s