Howard Bengele—Exploring New Opportunities

After years of working as a scientist, Howard Bengele was ready for something different—so when he received an invitation to an informational event about Linden Ponds, he decided to attend.

'I never knew such a place as Linden Ponds existed,' says Howard. 'When I visited, it was like driving into a resort. It had a different vibe than other communities I'd seen.'

In less than three months, he was planning his move!

Soon after, while exploring the Linden Ponds campus, he wandered past the TV studio.

'I was invited in, and I never left,' muses Howard. 'First I joined the crew, then did camera work and acted as floor director.'

Howard now produces several programs for the resident TV station, but his quest to try something new didn't stop there. He's currently a member of the Linden Ponds Singers and sits on the Resident Advisory Council.

'It's so easy to get involved,' says Howard. 'All you have to do is walk down the hall.'

Howard Bengele