Gus and Ruth Diezemann—Feeling Right at Home

Gus and Ruth Diezemann didn't have to look far to find a community that offered security, convenience and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It was right in their backyard!

'Our roots are here in Hingham,' says Gus. 'So it was great to come to a community in our own neighborhood.'

Before moving to Linden Ponds, the Diezemanns were very involved at the nearby senior center. Gus still volunteers as a shuttle bus driver, but the couple finds they visit there less and less.

'We have such wonderful clubs and activities right here,' explains Ruth. 'There's no reason to go elsewhere.'

While there are many things to love about their new home, Gus and Ruth agree that it's the people that make Linden Ponds such a great place to live.

'The friends we've made here have become close, dear friends,' says Ruth. 'We're like a big family.' Gus agrees: 'Driving the bus for the Hingham senior center, I have seen people live in such loneliness and isolation,' he explains. 'You don't have those worries here.'

Gus and Ruth Diezemann