John and Donna MacLeod—More Active Than Ever

John and Donna MacLeod were ready to trade the headaches and hassles of home ownership for a maintenance-free lifestyle. So as soon as they retired, they moved to Linden Ponds.

Now, instead of mowing the lawn and raking leaves, they have more time to concentrate on the things they love. 'We have the opportunity to go on wonderful day trips,' says John. 'And when we travel, we just lock the door and go.'

The MacLeods' decision to move to a retirement community at an early age surprised some of their neighbors back in Hull—until John and Donna took them for a tour around campus.

'Our friends can't believe all the things Linden Ponds offers,' says Donna. 'We show them the pub. We show them the pool. We talk about all the trips we go on. When they see for themselves how great this lifestyle is, they understand why we decided to move.'

John and Donna MacLeod