Joan McGrath—Singing a Happy Tune

Joan McGrath wanted to live in a community filled with friendly people and interesting activities. That's why she moved from South Boston to Linden Ponds in nearby Hingham.

With more than 100 clubs and classes to choose from, it was easy to get involved. 'From the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night, I'm doing something,' says Joan. 'It's wonderful here!'

A lifelong lover of stage and screen, Joan was immediately drawn to the many creative outlets available right on campus. She can often be found in the performing arts center singing, dancing and acting with her Linden Ponds neighbors.

When asked what she'd tell others who are considering a move to this vibrant community, Joan is quick to reply: 'Don't wait! Come here while you can enjoy all the services and clubs and the lively lifestyle.'

Joan McGrath