Jim McGurl—Mural Painter

He may be retired, but professional mural painter James (Jim) McGurl picks up his paintbrushes on a regular basis at Linden Ponds. Though he works for as many as five hours a day in his home studio, he says that, without deadlines, his craft doesn't feel like work.

Jim painted his first mural at just 16 in the cellar of his family home. Later, he worked to restore painted interiors of churches. He also designed monuments, including the Kennedy family monument in Boston's Holyhood Cemetery.

Meanwhile, he maintained a steady flow of outside jobs, painting murals in private residences and restaurants. From the time his career began at age 25 until he retired at 73, Jim estimates that he painted hundreds of murals from New England all the way down to Florida.

Shortly after moving, he attended a meeting of the Linden Ponds Singers and volunteered to help with set design. Eventually, he and his wife both became members of the musical group. 'I'm looking around and trying to find something I can find fault with,' Jim says of Linden Ponds, 'and I can't.'

Jim McGurl