John & Elizabeth Sherrill—World Travelers

Elizabeth Sherrill spent her most recent birthday exploring the Middle East with her brother, sister and sister-in-law. It was the trip of a lifetime.

In Istanbul, they visited the famous 'Blue' Mosque. In Jordan, they saw Petra, a historic city carved into rock, and Mount Nebo, where Moses first set eyes on the Promised Land.

From there, they proceeded to Egypt, where they explored the ancient pyramids of Giza. Elizabeth even rode a camel through the Nubian Desert, an experience which 'gave me a great respect for Lawrence of Arabia,' she says.

Because life at Linden Ponds is maintenance-free, Elizabeth could enjoy her trip without a worry in the world. And because she has so many great neighbors and friends at the community, coming home from her travels was just as much fun.

'The first thing I did was throw a shindig,' says her husband John, happy to have Elizabeth home again. In their kitchen, he indulged his penchant for cooking by making his wife a gourmet steak dinner.

The Sherrills continue to work while living at Linden Ponds. John oversees a large publishing company while Elizabeth writes for Guideposts magazine. Now, thanks to her recent trip, she has plenty of exciting new stories.

John & Elizabeth Sherrill