Robert, Norm, Stan & Roy—The Woodworkers

Recently, the woodworkers of Linden Ponds took part in a unique fund-raiser. Using wood donated from a local business, they built about 100 birdhouses for an auction to benefit Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that builds affordable homes for people in need.

Norm, Stan, Robert and Roy were among the woodworkers who lent their time and talents to the cause. 'Sometimes we're building for ourselves; sometimes we're building for others,' says Roy, who coordinates woodshop activities.

The Linden Ponds woodshop can be a noisy place, but it feels like home to its 40 members. Each has his or her own key for access to the expansive space, which is divided into a machine room and an assembly room. The woodshop welcomes all members, from experienced woodworkers to those who are just getting started.

A variety of modern equipment is available for the smallest projects, like toys and birdhouses, to the biggest and most complex, like handmade chairs. Members are free to work independently, but opportunities to come together for a greater cause, like the recent Habitat for Humanity project, are always available too.

'I think we all agree the woodshop is an important part of our lives,' says Norm, who has taken up woodcarving since moving to Linden Ponds.

The Woodworkers