Firefighter, pharmacist, bonsai artist

Retirement hasn't slowed Charley Gysi. In fact, life at Ann's Choice has freed him to continue his work as a volunteer firefighter with the Willow Grove Fire Company, and as a part-time pharmacist with Horsham Square Pharmacy.

Without the hassle of maintenance, Charley can also devote more time to his favorite pursuit—the art of bonsai. A member of the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society, he's been cultivating the small, ornamental trees for 25 years.

"Bonsai means 'tree in a pot,'" explains Charley, who applies his art to everything from azaleas, to ginkgo, to red maple. "You design the tree to please you, and it's always a work in progress. You work at your own speed and see what you can develop."

Ann's Choice residents can enjoy his art every day. Nearly 20 of Charley's bonsai plants thrive alongside the floor-to-ceiling windows by the community's indoor swimming pool.

Charley Gysi