The Butlers—A huge house can equal huge headaches

Three years after buying their dream home, Carlton and Barbara Butler realized that their 4,000-plus square-foot house was more space than they needed. They began searching for a new home—one that better fit their lifestyle.

"We got talking about how the house was really too big for just the two of us," says Carlton. "Our kids are all grown, and we were looking ahead to when we would need to start replacing things like the roof or the furnace. We decided we just didn't want to spend our time worrying about that stuff anymore."

The more the Butlers heard about Charlestown, the more they liked it. "Once we visited the community and saw what they had to offer, it just reinforced our thoughts that it was the right time to move," says Barbara.

The Butlers enlisted the help of Charlestown Personal Moving Consultant Vera Ballard. "We met with Vera, and she came out to our house. She looked around and gave us some advice on how we could downsize and get the house ready to go on the market," says Barbara. "She also made suggestions on things we could do like decluttering and little tricks to make the house more sellable."

Barbara and Carlton sold their home after only 50 days on the market. Now, they're enjoying a "right-sized" life at Charlestown.

Charlestown Residents the Butlers