Charles Denton—Bigger is better

When Charles Denton and his wife decided they were going to move, it didn't take them long to settle on Charlestown.

'One of the major things that attracted us was the size of the community,' explains Charles. 'Charlestown has a large population and that provides a lot of opportunities for activities and events.'

According to Charles, getting involved couldn't be easier. 'There are over 300 clubs and events, so you can find practically any kind of activity you want. And you can get as heavily involved as you like, or you can pick and choose and basically do your own thing.'

A resident for six years and former president of the Resident Advisory Board, Charles is particularly pleased about Charlestown's recent multi million dollar renovations. 'It really is an exciting time,' he remarks. 'When I bring visitors in, one of the first things you see is the fitness center which is big, open and airy with lots of equipment. And on the other side, they have a computer lab and just beyond that is the pool.'

In Charles' opinion, expanding and improving Charlestown shows how committed the community is to current and future residents. And, of course, he's excited about all the new opportunities. 'The new apartments and amenities will bring in another group of people that perhaps have different interests and will provide different opportunities,' says Charles. 'Maybe they'll want to start 50 new clubs to make it 350!'

Charlestown Resident Charles Denton