Rosemary Erdman—Staying active in every season

When Rosemary Erdman and her husband moved to Charlestown eight years ago, the last thing on her mind was slowing down. 'I've always been physically active,' explains Rosemary. 'I love being able to step out of my apartment and go just a few feet and have so many activities to be involved in.'

An avid walker, Rosemary appreciates the secure 108-acre campus and how every building at Charlestown is connected.

'Here the weather doesn't affect me at all,' says Rosemary. 'I walk outside every day unless it's extremely rainy or windy, and then I walk inside. I also play Ping-Pong three days a week.'

Even severe winter weather doesn't put a damper on her day. 'It's wonderful being here during a snowstorm,' says Rosemary. 'I love looking out my window as the snow is falling and watching Charlestown employees outside cleaning the roads and sidewalks. During the last snow, our roads were clear even before the main roads. And you don't have to panic and run out for groceries; instead you just walk down to one of the restaurants and meet friends for dinner. It's wonderful!'

While she enjoys being on the go, Rosemary is quick to explain that Charlestown isn't just for athletic extroverts. 'I am a people person,' says Rosemary, 'My husband, on the other hand, likes to read and watch TV. He's as happy living at Charlestown as I am. They offer something for everybody.'

Charlestown Resident Rosemary Erdman