Joan Green—Living the dream

Joan Green has only lived at Charlestown for four years, but she knew it would be her home over three decades ago.

'I watched Charlestown being built,' explains Joan. 'I lived about two blocks away. It just looked so serene and quiet. I thought I'd like to live at Charlestown one day.'

In 2009, that dream became a reality, and Joan couldn't be happier. 'Charlestown is unbelievable,' she says. 'There are so many activities to be involved in. And the best part is I don't have to cook dinner. We have six dining rooms. It's like we have a dinner party every night!'

While Joan has witnessed lots of growth and expansion at Charlestown over the years, she is particularly excited about the community's recent renovations. 'I think people that may have visited Charlestown need to come back and see what's here,' she suggests. 'The new apartments are just beautiful. And we have a new swimming pool and a beautiful fitness center and two new dining rooms.'

More than anything, Joan is impressed with Charlestown's commitment to residents. 'Knowing that Charlestown is dedicated to making our lives as easy as possible and making our surroundings as beautiful as they can really helps me feel safe and valued.'

Charlestown Resident Joan Green