David and Ann Pollitt—Cultivating an exciting new lifestyle

For David and Ann Pollitt, moving to Charlestown was the beginning of their second retirement. 'Our first retirement was out in the country,' says Ann.

The couple owned a small piece of farm property where they grew organic vegetables and flowers. But after a while, their energy levels no longer matched the demands of the farm, so they began looking around. At Charlestown, they found everything they needed to cultivate a brand new lifestyle.

'When we lived out in Harford County, I had a 9,000-square-foot garden,' says David. 'When we came here, one of the first things I was interested in was getting a garden plot. And I was fortunate enough to get two.'

The couple appreciates Charlestown's glorious 108-acre campus. 'I'm a flower and bush person,' explains Ann. 'Spring is just lovely here with all the flowering trees.' The Pollitts are also big fans of the Charlestown nature trail and the lake. 'It's almost like a state park,' says David. 'When you're eating in the restaurants, you have a wonderful view of a nice grassy area and trees and flowers.'

When they aren't enjoying the community's natural beauty, Ann and David are busy taking part in Charlestown's many clubs and activities. 'I'm in a book group and League of Women Voters,' says Ann. 'And I attend some of the Elderhostel educational classes.'

David is in the chess club, takes part in the theological table talk group and loves spending time in the Charlestown woodshop. 'I was delighted to find that there's an A-plus woodshop here,' he says. 'Since I've been here, I've made two piece of furniture, and they both turned out much better than I expected.'

With so many opportunities at their fingertips, it's no wonder the Pollitts feel good about their decision to leave the farm. 'Had we stayed in our country home, as lovely as it was, we would have grown in isolation,' says Ann.

David agrees. 'We enjoyed those ten years. But I'm very excited about being here at Charlestown. I'm still exploring and finding new things to do.'

Charlestown Residents David and Ann Pollitt