Sally Pound—A lifetime of giving

A former partner at a successful ad agency, Sally Pound wasn't about to shelve her marketing talents just because she decided to retire. At Charlestown, she found plenty of ways to put her skills to good use.

'I've gotten involved in volunteering,' explains Sally. 'That's really where most of my time is spent—and I enjoy every minute of it.'

Two days a week, Sally volunteers her marketing expertise promoting Project Liberty Ship, a fully operational World War II memorial and museum ship in the Baltimore Harbor. Back at Charlestown, she chairs the dining ambassador program, which hosts dinner parties for new community members. She also volunteers in various roles at Our Lady of the Angels Chapel, the interfaith chapel at Charlestown.

Recently, Sally was among 8 Charlestown residents and 42 retirees from across the state to be inducted into the Maryland Senior Citizens Hall of Fame, a nonprofit organization that recognizes extraordinary men and women because of their caring and volunteer efforts in improving the lives of others.

'I've met so many people and have been introduced to so many volunteer opportunities here that I would have never encountered had I stayed in my house,' says Sally. 'There's so much going on here. Moving here is the best thing I could have done. I have no regrets.'

Charlestown Resident Sally Pound