Tom Showe—A treasure hunt at Charlestown

The Treasure Sale is a Charlestown tradition. Several times a year, residents host an enormous flea market featuring jewelry, home goods, books, clothing, furniture and much more. All the proceeds are donated directly to the community's various resident-run clubs and activities.

For more than a decade, Tom Showe has managed the furniture store, a portion of the sale that operates throughout the year on campus. 'When my wife and I first moved to Charlestown, we began volunteering with the Treasure Sale and I ended up in the furniture department,' says Tom. 'I didn't think there was that big a market for used furniture. Twelve years later, here I am.'

The store carries an inventory of more than 100 pieces, including dining sets, beds and dressers. 'We get a lot of nice used furniture in the store and resell it at good prices,' says Tom, a retired space program employee.

Tom enjoys the social aspect of managing the store. In some small way, he feels like what he does makes a difference.

'I'm a person who can't sit still,' he says. 'I was determined to get involved in something when I moved to Charlestown. I'm happy to be a part of this wonderful organization that gives back to so many people.'

Charlestown Residents Tom Showe