Dr. Francine Daner—World traveler

Dr. Francine Daner moved to Highland Springs to escape the hassles of maintaining a home. She loves everything about her new apartment home. "I have an extra large one bedroom with a den, and it is just beautiful," she says. "I live on the fourth floor, so I call it the penthouse."

Dr. Daner enjoyed having a swimming pool at her house but disliked the upkeep. At Highland Springs, she has the best of both worlds. She walks down the hall to swim every morning without any of the stress of maintaining the pool.

An enthusiastic traveler, Dr. Daner loves the freedom of her Highland Springs apartment. With around-the-clock security on campus, Dr. Daner can just lock her door and go without a worry. Since moving to Highland Springs, she's visited family across the country and even vacationed in Europe.

Dr. Francine Daner