The Deals—Family first

Thane and Annette Deal chose the worry-free lifestyle at Highland Springs with their family in mind. "We feel that moving to Highland Springs is one of the greatest gifts we could have given our children," says Annette. "They'll never have to worry about us."

Thane and Annette's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren love visiting Highland Springs—especially for the delicious Sunday brunch on campus. Their apartment home is decorated with Annette's many photographs of their large family tree.

The Deals have even found that the residents and staff form their own kind of family. Both Thane and Annette have noticed the consistently warm and friendly atmosphere on campus. "My definition of a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet," says Annette. "This describes the attitude at Highland Springs perfectly." Thane agrees, adding, "Here at Highland Springs, there's a friendly and positive attitude that builds among the staff and the residents."

The Deals