Len Steglich—Better living

For Len Steglich, retirement didn't mean slowing down. That's why he chose the worry-free lifestyle at Highland Springs. Len likes not worrying about home maintenance and unpredictable expenses. "The Monthly Service Package is a definite convenience," he says. "It's nice to know that you're not confronted with paying a bunch of bills every month."

Since moving to Highland Springs, Len is more active than ever. He works with his son in a dental lab a few times a week and loves spending time with his grandchildren. Len plays horseshoes on campus and belongs to numerous Highland Springs organizations, including the Veterans Club and the Louisiana Club.

Len's favorite thing about Highland Springs is the true sense of community on campus. "The friends I've made here mean a lot to me," says Len. "If someone is looking for better living, they'll find it at Highland Springs."

Len Steglich